About Us

Formed in 2003 as Driftwood Products a private, independently owned company we have developed into one of the best direct sales book companies in Ireland. In 2009 we changed to a limited company and our name changed to Driftwood Books Ltd.

We are based in the north-east of Ireland and our business involves the Direct Marketing of a wide range of books, gifts and stationary. Over the years we have built up a good relationship with our customers who now expect and get a first class service from our Reps. OUR FULL RANGE CAN NOW BE PURCHASED DIRECT FROM THIS WEBSITE, but our primary business allows our customers to look and buy the products in their own time at their place of work.

The concept allows us to create exposure to our products, leaving our customers to make up their own minds in their own time.

How It Works

Our Distributors leave a carefully selected set of samples (normally around 10 to 12 products) in your work place for all the staff to view during their break times. The Distributor will call back between 7 and 10 days later, collect the samples and from stock carried in their vehicle fulfil orders there and then. Payment accepted in cash or cheque. Distributors normally work on a 6 week cycle and you are under no obligation to buy certain quotas.

The benefits to the customer are quality products, at prices substantially lower than those found in the high street stores. No hassle from sales people and savings on your shopping time.

Get Books at Your Work

If you would like an agent to call at your place of work, just email with a contact name, company name, address and telephone number. We will get in touch to let you know if and when an agent will be in your locality.

We concentrate mainly on books but we also sell gifts and stationary. From children's, sports, DIY, gardening, health, food & drink, Irish interest, quiz and craft books to stationary sets such as handmade cards and writing sets, and of course many gift related items towards Christmas. Our products are sourced from many suppliers and importers. Our priority at all times is quality and value. Many of our products have more than 50% off the price in your local shops.





In September 2012 we opened a shop at the front of our warehouse, we have a range of products at fantastic prices. The range includes books, gifts, cards, stationery and our Ink Cartridge range. Many end of line items greatly reduced can be found in the shop.

This is based in Dundalk and has had a great response since it opened.