Children's Activity & Story Books

Children's Activity & Story Books

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all” Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

    • Classic Fairy Tales Picture Books Set of 5

      59.4% 20.4613.99 13.99
      The Classic Fairytales series of picture books has been adapted from traditional stories for a contemporary audience and features stunning illustrations from innovative artists. Each story is presented with humour and contains quirky twists that will entertain and engage both children and adults alike. Classic Fairytales will encourage a love of books and reading that will last a lifetime. Titles included:
      • Puss in Boots
      • Hansel and Gretel
      • Snow White
      • Little Red Riding Hood
      • Jack and the Beanstalk
      Paperback, 30 Pages Approx Each Set Dimensions: 270 x 265 x 20mm RRP €34.45    
    • Talulla Bear’s Bedtime Book

      71.5% 5.001.99 1.99
      A soothing bedtime book to help children get to sleep. Little Talulla Bear needs help to get to sleep. In this dreamy bedtime tale, she's encouraged to snuggle down and imagine other sleepy animals, including the cosy cat and snoozing dog. Listening to the calming words of the story, and feeling safe beneath the tranquil night sky and twinkling stars, she soon becomes very, very sleepy.... The poetic and meditative language in this beautiful storybook, combined with Sarah Perkins' stunning and soothing illustrations, will gradually calm a restless child at bedtime. This book was originally written for Heather Roan Robbins' granddaughter, Talulla, who had trouble falling asleep. Just as she did with Talulla, here Heather takes children on a meditative journey to find that deep place of restful peace, a place where all can be right with the world. Hardback, 32 pages
    • Stories for Christmas 10 Book Set

      63.3% 31.0017.99 17.99
      3+ This box set contains 10 beautifully illustrated picture books – a selection of original fiction and traditional stories. Kids will love the snowy adventures of animals such as Panda, Bear and Owl, as well as exciting Christmas tales including The Nutcracker and the Night Before Christmas. This really is the perfect collection for cosy bedtime reading in winter. Titles Include : 1. The Night Before Christmas 2. The Nutcracker 3. The Snow Queen 4. The Twelve Days of Christmas 5. The Snowy Adventures of Luna the Unicorn 6. The Snowy Adventure of Bobbi the Bear 7. The Snowy Adventure of Jasper the Jay 8. The Snowy Adventure of Little Wolf 9. The Snowy Adventure of Ollie the Owl 10. The Snowy Adventure of Ping the Panda
      • Paperback
      • 1800 x 1800 x 350 mm
      R.R.P. €48.99
    • Dinosaur Adventures: Velociraptor – The speedy tale

      48.6% 3.303.49 3.49
      Vicky is a super-speedy Velociraptor who races through life, and often straight into trouble. When Vicky loses sight of her family, she's in a hurry to find them but she'll need to slow down before she can join them again. This fabulous story features stunning artwork from Louise Forshaw and is a terrific read for any little dinosaur fan. Paperback, 24 Pages Dimensions: 260 x 260 x 3mm RRP €6.79
    • The Fantastic Look and Find: Animals from Around the World

      28.6% 2.004.99 4.99
      Who doesn't enjoy a game of hide and seek? This fantastic look and find fold-out book has it all: Extra-large fold-out scenes! An abundance of farm animals and illustrated search indexes on each fold out page for easy access. Look for the other title (Animals on the Farm) in this series for the double of fun!   Hardback, 22 Pages Dimensions: 25.4 x 33.4 x 1.4cm
    • Fly Away Peter

      58.9% 5.003.49 3.49
      Age 2+ Jeffrey the giraffe with the short neck, and Peter, the bird who can't fly, are delighted to become friends because they are both different. When they decide to play together to cheer each other up, they hardly expect that a game of hide-and-seek will not only involve all the other animals but surprisingly solve their problems.
      • Paperback
      • Pages - 32
      • 260 x 220
      R.R.P. €849
    • Rainforest Stories – 4 Pack

      57.2% 16.0111.99 11.99
      Age 3+ Tales of the Rainforest is a wonderful collection of stories about jungle animals and their habitats that young readers aged 3+ will enjoy.
      • The Timid frog
      • The Curious Tiger
      • The Storyteller Sloth
      • The Plucky Orangutan
      Books come in a handy PVC Bag. Paperback, 24 Pages each Dimensions : 260 x 260 x 3mm each RRP 18.99
    • My Fairytale Time: Jack and the Beanstalk

      48.6% 3.303.49 3.49
      The much-loved tale of Jack and the Beanstalk has been beautifully captured by Claudia Ranucci's captivating illustration style in this stunning picture book for young children aged 3+. The story has been simply retold to appeal to young readers and listeners alike.
      •  Paperback
      •  261 x 263 x 7mm
    • Christmas Stories – 4 Book Set

      35.8% 5.018.99 8.99
      These beautiful books are packed full of Christmas stories with colourful illustrations. Book 1
      • Christmas on the Farm
      • Christmas Songs
      • Santa's Little Helper
      Book 2
      • The Little Christmas Tree
      • Christmas Carols
      • Teddy's Christmas Present
      Book 3
      • The Night Before Christmas
      • The Christmas Fairy
      • The Magic Reindeer
      Book 4
      • Santa's Busy Day
      • The Christmas Elf
      • The Christmas Snowman
        2 - 5 Hardback Books 96 Pages each book 166 x 121mm each RRP €14.00  
    • ARTBOX Bumper Activity Pack

      The pack includes; A4 Colouring Book A5 Dot-to-Dot Book A6 Colouring Book
    • My First Nursery Treasury

      50% 9.008.99 8.99
      My First Nursery Treasury includes much-loved favourites, such as Humpty Dumpty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and is a perfect read-aloud companion. A classic fairytale concludes each of the seven themed sections, one of which is made up entirely with action rhymes. Young readers will enjoy the delightful illustrations as they read and listen to rhymes and tales that have been cherished for generations. Paperback, 384 Pages  179 x 224 x 34mm RRP €17.50
    • When I Grow Up I’m Going to Play for… Republic of Ireland

      50.1% 3.002.99 2.99
      You step out of the tunnel. Banners ripple through the air while the crowd chants your name. You're on the pitch. Are you biggest fan of Ireland Do you dream of being their next star player Then this story is for you! The best-selling aspirational storybooks published to tie-in with the European Championship. Perfect gift for every child aged 3-7 years.   Hardback Dimensions: 231 x 233 x 10mm

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