Children's Box Sets & Packs

Children's Box Sets & Packs

Children’s Box Sets & Packs are part of our extensive children’s range of books.

For 18 Years we brought books and gifts direct to our customers. Up until March 2020 this was mainly through the Book Club (otherwise known as the ‘Bookman’). But since then we invested heavily in our online presence, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Google or here on our own Website.

Like most businesses we had to adapt to the current climate and find new ways to show you our products. Browse our online shop here from the comfort of your armchair, where you can fill your shopping basket, pay at the checkout and get your goods delivered within 2 to 3 days. Check out our Children’s Box Sets & Packs here..

“A book is a dream to hold in your hands” Neil Gaiman

    • My Mega Book of… 4 Book Set

      55.3% 15.4612.50 Original price was: €27.96.Current price is: €12.50.
      These books have been especially compiled with exercises for children aged 4-6. Exercises are presented in a light-hearted way so that children will have fun whilst learning, with gold reward stickers. Each book contains; 96 Exercise pages 2 Pages of 100+ Gold reward stickers Dimensions 295 x 210mm   RRP €27.96  
    • Animal World Stickers – Set of 4 Books

      33.4% 4.007.99 Original price was: €11.99.Current price is: €7.99.
      Ages 3+ Set of 4 Sticker Books. Each Book Contains; 8 Coloured Story Pages 4 Pages of Stickers Dimensions: 280 x 215mm  each book
    • Animal World Sticker & Colour Fun – Set of 4 Books

      33.4% 4.007.99 Original price was: €11.99.Current price is: €7.99.
      Ages 3+ Set of 4 Sticker & Colour Fun Books. Each Book Contains; 16 Colouring Pages 2 Pages of Stickers Dimensions: 280 x 215mm  each book
    • Unicorn & Princess Set of 4 Board Books

      25% 3.008.99 Original price was: €11.99.Current price is: €8.99.
      Ages 1+ 4 Colourful Unicorn & Princess Board Books Dimensions: 163 x 160mm each
    • My Little Sound Board Books – Set of 4

      Ages 3+ 4 Little Sound Board Books. Titles and sounds:
      • Speedy Sports Car - beep beep
      • Toby Tractor - brum brum
      • Freddie Fire Engine - nee nah
      • Tommy Train - choo choo
        Dimensions: 170 x 95 x 15mm  each
    • Busy Machines! 8-Book Slipcase

      51.5% 18.0116.99 Original price was: €35.00.Current price is: €16.99.
        Perfect for vehicle-mad kids, this really is the ultimate collection of busy machines! From planes to trains and everything in between, this 8-book slipcase is packed with every kind of vehicle you can think of, big and small, from around the world.
      • Eight books in a boldly designed slipcase
      • Packed with information about all kinds of vehicles
      • Brilliant illustrations on every page
      Children will love the fun illustrations and simple text, packed with facts about their favourite vehicles. So whether its fire engines or tractors, there will be something for every child in super set. Titles inside include:
      • Diggers!
      • Rescue!
      • Tractors!
      • Trucks!
      • In the Air!
      • On the Road!
      • On the Tracks!
      • On the Water!
      Pages: 192pp Age: 3+ Size: Paperbacks 180 x 180 mm; Slipcase 186.5 x 183 x 32 mm
    • Best Friends Set of 4 Board Books

      41.7% 5.006.99 Original price was: €11.99.Current price is: €6.99.
      Ages 1+ 4 Colourful Best Friends Board Books Dimensions: 163 x 160mm each
    • First Library Stories & Rhymes Box Set

      51.7% 30.9728.99 Original price was: €59.96.Current price is: €28.99.
      Age 3+ This sturdy slipcase contains four hardback books for younger children, and is a wonderful mix of traditional stories, nursery rhymes and contemporary fiction. Every page is packed with color and detail that will captivate and charm. Each book has been beautifully designed, and the covers feature a wealth of special effects.  
      • Format – Box Set of 4 Hardback Books
      • Pages – 4 x 160
      • Dimensions – 241mm x 191mm x 89mm
      R.R.P. €59.96
    • Dinosaur Stories – 10 Book Pack

      50% 30.0029.99 Original price was: €59.99.Current price is: €29.99.
      Age 2+ 10 Fabulous Titles : Allosaurus Ava is an Allosaurus with a very sore tooth and its making her feel grumpy. She doesnt want to play with her friends, but each of them want to try and help Ava get rid of her toothache will any of their ideas work? Ankylosaurus Archie is an Ankylosaurus with a tail club he can't control! It seems to ruin everything for him, until one day he realises it might be the one thing he needs to save his friends Diplodocus Dora - a Diplodocus with some very odd ideas. But when Allosaurus threaten her herd, Dora comes up with an extra-dippy idea that might just frighten off the predators for good. Iguanodon Poor Isaac can’t sleep because everything in the forest is so noisy. Can he find a way to quieten it all down before the next noisy night? Plateosaurus The selfish dinosaur is a funny story about a dinosaur who doesn't want to share, but must learn how! Psittacosaurus The lost egg is an amusing tale about a dinosaur who tries to return an egg to its home! Spinosaurus Suki is sad because the other dinosaurs are scared of her. Then suki comes to the rescue when danger strikes. Can the little dinosaurs trust her? Stegosaurus The thoughtful surprise is a wonderful picture book about a young dinosaur who is feeling sad and lonely in a new place! T rex Rex thinks he’ll grow up to be the biggest, scariest, noisiest dinosaur EVER. There’s nothing Rex is afraid of – or is there? Velociraptor The speedy tale is a delightful story about a dinosaur that loves to run everywhere, especially into trouble!
      • 10 x Paperbacks in cellophane wrap
      • 260x260x35
      RRP €69.90
    • My Little Photo Treasury Slip Case – Set of 4 Board Books

      ORDER NOW FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTIES NEW STOCK WILL ARRIVE BEFORE THE END OF NOVEMBER   Fun Words and bright images make these First Words photo books perfect to share with your child. Titles Included: My First Words - Things That Go My First Words - Animals My First Words - Toys My First Words - Outside  
      • For Ages 3-5
      • Slip Case with 4 Board Books
      • Dimensions: 164 x 161 x 26mm
    • My Little Animal Friends Slipcase – Set of 4 Board Books

      ORDER NOW FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTIES NEW STOCK WILL ARRIVE BEFORE THE END OF NOVEMBER   Slipcase with 4 Board Books Dimensions: 141 x 41 x 207mm
    • Picture Flats MEGA Bundle – 36 BOOKS (2023 New Titles)

      From a selection of 60 plus titles in stock (New titles just arrived), we’ll select a good mix of 36 titles for you. These would normally retail for around €7 each in any high street shop and are ideal as a stand alone gift or to share out amongst children at parties, whether it be birthday's, Christmas or anytime of the year. If you would prefer to select the titles yourself they can be purchased individually from our Children's Activity & Story Books section, priced at €3.99 each Age: From 2 to 5 years Size: Each Book Approx. 250/260 x 250/260 x 3mm Pages: Approx. 24 each RRP: Approx €250 for 36 Books "Hi Stephen, I am very happy with my order, the books are fabulous. I just ordered more from you there now, so I now have gifts for 66 children. I had a few bits got before I discovered your amazing website but its mostly all from you. I will be recommending you to everyone here." Annmarie, Mountshannon, Co. Clare (Nov. 2020)  

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