Children's Box Sets & Packs

    • Chris Hoy Flying Fergus 6 Books Set

      68.6% 24.0010.99 10.99
    • Horrid Henry 6 Book Set

      58.3% 35.0024.99 24.99
      Great fun reading story collection which includes naughty jocular adventures of Horrid Henry. Titles included: Horrid Henry's Favourite Jokes A Hat Trick of Horrid Henry A Helping of Horrid Henry A Triple Treat of Horrid Henry A Giant Slice of Horrid Henry A Handful of Horrid Henry   Paperback Set Dimensions: 12.8 x 19.7 x 10.4cm RRP €59.99
    • Horrid Henry Mischievous Mayhem Box Set

      58.2% 32.0022.99 22.99
      Horrid Henry Mischievous Mayhem 10 Books Box Set Titles in the Set: Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter Horrid Henry Stinkbomb Horrid Henry Underpants Horrid Henry Meet the Queen Horrid Henry and the Mega-mean Time Machine Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend Horrid Henry Christmas Crackers Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman Horrid Henry Jolly Joke Book Horrid Henry Strikes Back Paperback Box Dimensions: 13.1 x 20 x 6.7cm RRP €54.99  
    • Little Miss Complete Collection Box Set

      53.1% 85.0174.99 74.99
      This delightful set features the complete 36 timeless Little Miss Stories. As well as the much loved classic titles, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Chatterbox, you can also enjoy the newest addition to the collection, Little Miss Hug. All stored in a beautiful bright pink box with Little Miss images, each character from the Little Miss stories will surely appeal to any young child. RRP €160.00 Paperback, 32 pages per book Dimensions: 17.4 x 21.1 x 14.5cm      
    • Peppa Pig Read It Yourself with Ladybird 10 Books Set

      58.2% 33.4023.99 23.99
      Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird's best-selling reading series. For over thirty-five years it has helped young children who are learning to read develop and improve their reading skills. Each Read it yourself book is very carefully written to include many key, high-frequency words that are vital for learning to read, as well as a limited number of story words that are introduced and practised throughout. Simple sentences and frequently repeated words help to build the confidence of beginner readers and the four different levels of books support children all the way from very first reading practice through to independent, fluent reading. Each book has been carefully checked by educational consultants and can be read independently at home or used in a guided reading session at school. Further content includes comprehension questions or puzzles, helpful notes for parents, carers and teachers, and book band information for use in schools.
      • Paperback
      • 32 Pages Approx per Book
      • Dimensions: 152 x 228 x 47mm
      RRP €57.39
    • Mog Collection by Judith Kerr

      62.7% 40.3623.99 23.99
      Judith Kerr's books about Mog, the loveable, accident-prone cat, have entertained countless children for fifty years and this collection brings together eight of these warm-hearted and funny escapades about everyone’s favourite family cat! Titles in this pack: Mog and Bunny Mog and the Granny Mog's ABC Mog and the V. E. T. Mog in the Dark Mog's Bad Thing Mog and the Baby Mog on Fox Night For Ages 3+
      • Paperback
      • Dimensions: 219 x 280 x 37mm
      RRP €64.35
    • Pokemon – Epic Collection 12 Books Box Set

      58.9% 48.7033.99 33.99
      Pokémon master-in-training Ash Ketchum is delighted when Professor Oak sends him on a very important mission - to capture a unique and mysterious Poké Ball. Ash, Brock and Misty begin their journey to the famed Orange Islands and meet a host of new friends - and old enemies... Titles in this collection  Ash's Big Challenge Pokemon Peril The Orange League Show Time! Race to Danger Scyther vz Charizard The Pokemon School The Winner's Cup Power Up Psyduck Alolan Challenge Adventure on Treasure Island Old Friends New Battles For Ages 9-12
      • Paperback
      • Dimensions: 130 x 200 x 97mm
      RRP €82.69
    • Meg & Mog 10 Book Box Set

      57.9% 39.9028.99 28.99
      Meg and Mog are the spellbinding stars of Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski's classic picture books and this collection includes 10 of their magical adventures. The bold, deceptively simple artwork is a treat for children to absorb while the stories are funny and can be enjoyed countless times. We love these books and know you and your children will, too!
       Throughout the books, the duo visit the zoo, head out to sea, and Meg visits the moon. Little ones will enjoy reading through this collection of 10 classic Meg and Mog stories.  Bestselling books that have been casting a unique spell for over 40 years, they focus on a witch and her beloved cat and are perfect for sharing. Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski's characters also contain bright and vibrant pictures, and simple but witty storylines that are ideal for children who love exploring colours, sounds and shapes.
      Titles in this set:
      • Meg comes to school
      • Mog's missing
      • Meg up the creek
      • Meg at sea
      • Meg on the moon
      • Mog at the Zoo
      • Meg's veg
      • Meg goes to bed
      • Meg and the pirate
      • Meg and the dragon
      For ages 0-5
      • Paperback
      • Dimensions: 232 x 240 x 42mm
      RRP €68.89
    • The World Of Peter Rabbit – 23 Book Set

      58.6% 97.5168.99 68.99
      If you loved the Peter Rabbit Movie, then dive into the enchanting world of Beatrix Potter with this complete collection of classic childhood books. A must-have for every nursery! This beautiful gift box contains all 23 original Peter Rabbit books by Beatrix Potter. Each tale is presented in its iconic white jacket and features a publisher's note describing how the story came to be. This set of books contains the tales of all of Beatrix's lovable characters, from naughty Peter Rabbit himself, to tidy Mrs. Tittlemouse and unlucky Mr. Jeremy Fisher. These tales have charmed and enchanted children for generation and are essential for every nursery bookshelf. Beatrix Potter is regarded as one of the world's best-loved children's authors of all time. From her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published by Frederick Warne in 1902, she went on to create a series of stories based around animal characters including Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, Benjamin Bunny, Jemima Puddle-duck, Mr. Jeremy Fisher and Tom Kitten. For ages 3-5
      • Hardback
      •  168 x 333 x 135mm
      RRP €166.50
    • Goosebumps Horrorland – 10 Book Set

      56.7% 34.0125.99 25.99
      RRP €60.00 Ages 8 - 12 Books in this Set:
      • Revenge of The Living Dummy
      • Creep From The Deep
      • Monster Blood For Breakfast
      • The Scream Of The Haunted Mask
      • Dr Maniac Vs Robby Schwartz
      • Who's Your Mummy
      • My Friend Call Me Monster
      • Say Cheese- And Die Screaming!
      • Welcome To Camp Slither
      • Help! We Have Strange Powers
    • Anthony Horowitz 5 Book Set

      42.2% 14.5519.95 19.95
      Ages 9 to 12 Years The Devil and his Boy Chase through the streets of Elizabethan London in this thrilling adventure by number one bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz. London is dirty, distant and dangerous... but that's where orphan Tom Falconer is heading. And he's got a whole assortment of vicious criminals hot on his heels. Tom is helpless and alone until he meets Moll Cutpurse, a thirteen-year-old pickpocket. Together they find themselves chased across the city by the murderous Ratsey. But it's only on the first night of a new play - The Devil and his Boy - that Tom realizes that the fate of the Queen and indeed the entire country rests in his hand Groosham Grange A hilarious, spooky tale from the number one bestselling author Anthony Horowitz. A wickedly funny story by the number one bestselling author Anthony Horowitz. Sent to Groosham Grange as a last resort by his parents, David Eliot quickly discovers that his new school is a very weird place indeed. New pupils are made to sign their names in blood; the French teacher disappears every full moon; the assistant headmaster keeps something very chilling in his room... What's the meaning of the black rings everyone wears? Where do the other pupils vanish to at night? Most important of all, how on earth can David get away - alive? Granny A wickedly funny tale about the granny from Hell by the creator of Alex Rider. Twelve-year-old Joe has an unbelievably evil Granny. Not only is Granny physically repulsive and horribly mean, but she also has the look in her eye of a predatory crocodile. Soon Joe starts to suspect that she has unpleasant designs on him. But what are they and how can he foil them? The Switch  A dark and mysterious adventure. A boy's casual wish leads him into a dark and mysterious world in this thrilling adventure from the bestselling author of the Alex Rider series. For Tad Spencer, only son of a fabulously wealthy businessman, every day is like Christmas. Until he makes the mistake of wishing he was someone else. The next morning he wakes up as Bob Snarby, trapped in a cruel and squalid funfair world inhabited by hopeless criminals, mysterious fortune tellers and - worst of all - the murderous Finn. But he's there for a reason, as Tad discovers when he begins to untangle a secret that will introduce him to the most unexpected enemy of all... Return to Groosham Grange  The ghoulishly funny sequel to Groosham Grange. In the wickedly funny sequel to Groosham Grange by bestselling author Anthony Horowitz, someone is trying to destroy David Eliot's school. A year ago, he'd have been happy to see the end of Groosham Grange and its ghoulish teachers. Now, he's on course to win the Unholy Grail, a cup of magical power presented to the star pupil. But a series of suspicious mishaps sees the gap between David and new boy Vincent King narrow alarmingly. Someone, it seems, is trying to stop David winning - and, worse, threatening Groosham Grange itself!
      • Paperback
      • 180 pages approx. each
      • 129 x 198 x 45mm
      RRP €34.50
    • Horrid Henry 9 Book Set

      46% 23.0026.99 26.99
      Ages 6 to 9 Years Totally Brilliant - Utterly Wicked His fiendish plots will make you ache with laughter. For kids beginning to read independently, Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross, has a sly approach to storytelling with Henry always making you laugh and getting into trouble. Titles in this set: Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse Horrid Henry and the Secret Club Horrid Henry Stinkbomb Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy Horrid Henry Cannibal Curse Horrid Henry Nits Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick
      • Paperbacks
      • 90 pages approx. each
      • 133 x 199 x 75mm
      RRP €49.99

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