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    • Hands of an Angel (x-shop display)

      50.1% 3.002.99 2.99
      Helen Parry Jones has been a professional spiritual healer and empathic medium for thirty years. She has filled theatres and auditoriums and appeared on radio and TV. But this is the first time she has told her incredible story. 'Helen Parry Jones' turbulent journey to embracing her gift is sincere and elevating' Daily Express '... the reaction to her was phenomenal, I do mean phenomenal. We have been at this a very long time now and we know the difference between phenomenal and phenomenal!!' Gay Byrne, The Late Late Show Paperback, 368 pages Dimensions: 12.9 x 19.8 x 2.3cm
    • Mindfulness for Everyday Living (ex-display, covers slightly marked)

      74% 8.502.99 2.99
      This book explains the principles of Mindfulness, a meditation cognitive therapy, and shows how its rituals can help you find a path to better living. Living in the moment can be harder than we think in a tech-filled world of to-do lists. This gentle guide shows you easy, enjoyable and effective ways to slow down and develop awareness of your thoughts, actions and the environment. Exercises include step-by-step breathing and sound meditations, eating, walking meditations and movement sequences inspired by chi gong, tai chi and yoga to bring the mind and body into the present moment. In this fully-illustrated book discover the meditations and body moves to combat stress and anxiety, deal with fear and procrastination, eat better, manage change, love more, and ultimately feel the joy of being 'in the now' Paperback RRP €11.49  153 x 211 x 17mm 176 Pages
    • The Ultimate Cocktail Encyclopedia (ex-display)

      64.8% 5.502.99 2.99
      To explore mixing drinks at home, add sparkle to any party, and enjoy more at any cocktail bar, The Essential Cocktail Encyclopedia is an essential resource and an intoxicating read. COVERS SLIGHTLY MARKED FROM SHELF WEAR Hardback Pages 318 Dimensions 280*160*30 mm  
    • Why Men Skim Stones-An Illustrated A-Z of Modern Man

      80.1% 12.012.99 2.99
      Chris Windle provides an amusing and indispensable insight into why men do the things they do. Here, finally, is a guide that tackles the big questions: why do male friends express their affection by subjecting each other to casual acts of violence? Why is it common for a man to have more of an idea of what he might do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, than what he might buy his mother for Christmas? If you’ve ever been dumbfounded when faced with a man who would rather talk to an inanimate object than read the instruction booklet, this is the book for you. Why Men Skim Stones is a compendium of oddness which, by offering explanations for man’s often bizarre behavior, seeks to promote tolerance and understanding. This is a book that could save relationships, smooth family life, or provide much needed reassurance for any man seeking to better understand his own actions. Hardback Pages 234 Dimensions 170*120*20 mm RRP €15.00
    • Made For Baby – More Than 50 Fabulous Gifts For Babies

      84.7% 16.512.99 2.99
      Make over 50 beautiful, creative and personalised gifts for newborn babies to one year olds with Made for Baby. Homemade, personalised presents for babies are more popular than ever. Made for Baby includes a range of projects, from easy to complex, ensuring you can make beautiful gifts for babies to cherish whatever your craft skills. You can make anything from a button bunny to an appliqued cushion cover or spoil the new mum with a cupcake gift set. Other adorable projects include a night sky mobile, a sleepy dog rattle and wooden stacking blocks. Indulge in sewing, painting, paper crafts and more to make gifts for all occasions, including baby showers, new baby congratulations and first birthdays. Made for Baby is perfect for anyone looking to make and give gifts that will be cherished. Hardback, 256 Pages Dimensions: 210 x 241 x 25mm RRP €19.50 NOTE: Ex-Shop Display; have the odd mark due to shelf wear
    • Mind Body Bowl (ex-display)

      55.6% 5.003.99 3.99
      Mind Body Bowl is the perfect balance. The recipes are simple, delicious and something you will want to eat every day. Annie Clarke, creator of the popular Mind Body Bowl blog, shares her journey from poor health to strength and happiness by way of her three pillars of wellness - a healthy mind; a fit body and delicious new recipes. Mind Body Bowl helps to guide and sign post some key parts of the journey towards connecting with our own body and mind in order to find our own individual sense of balance. The book includes a selection of plant based recipes that are nourishing and delicious, focusing on simple, fresh ingredients that are easy to source. With half of the book devoted to recipes, the other half focuses on Annie's lifestyle advice, including how we can use the breath, meditation, yoga and other practices to calm our minds; how we can discover the best style of exercise to suit our bodies and how by eating natural food we can heal inflammation. By linking the mind and body practices together and applying some small changes, it is possible to set yourself on the path to wellness and greater happiness. Paperback, 288 Pages Dimensions: 18.7 x 2 x 23.1cm
    • Free-From Desserts

      60.1% 6.003.99 3.99
      More and more people are cutting out wheat, gluten and dairy from their diets, and the number of alternative ingredients available in supermarkets is growing rapidly to meet the demand. The most daunting part of this way of eating is the prospect of leaving behind indulgent desserts forever. In this stunning book, Julia Thomas provides more than 100 recipes illustrating how easy it is to make light, crisp pastry, gooey chocolate fondants, cheesecake, ice cream, creamy iced desserts, steamed sponges and all sorts of sticky sweet accompaniments without the need for wheat flour, butter or cream. Aimed at coeliacs, the lactose intolerant and anyone who simply wants to cut down on wheat, gluten or dairy, this easy-to-follow book features information on alternative ingredients, clear step-by-step instructions and irresistible recipes to give everyone the confidence to tackle free-from desserts. Hardback, 160 Pages Dimensions: 20.1 x 25.3 x 2.2cm
    • Laughter really is the best medicine

      55.6% 5.003.99 3.99
      Need a good laugh? Of course you do. This all-new humour collection features more than 1,200 hilarious jokes, true-life anecdotes, cartoons and witty quotes. No subject is off limits - you'll find yourself giggling at the lighter side of everyday-life topics such as family, work, school, pets, crime, religion and much more. Laughter really is the best medicine is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! #stayathome Hardback, 319 pages 20 x 26 x 2.7cm
    • Ultimate Puzzle Compendium (ex-shop display)

      33.4% 2.003.99 3.99
      This is the ultimate book of puzzles, guaranteed to engage the brain and entertain for hours. This supermassive compendium comes with over 300 puzzles to complete! Paperback, 304 pages Dimensions: 23.2 x 27.6 x 2cm
    • Delicious-Love To Cook

      81.9% 18.003.99 3.99
      140 Irresistable recipes to revitalise your cooking with full colour photograph for each dish Paperback RRP€21.99 Pages30 Dimensions 8.6 x 1.1 x 10.7 inches

    • Summer Party Placemats

      63.7% 7.013.99 3.99
      Featuring art from renowned artist Tom Slaughter, this set of whimsical placemats will add something extra to your tablescape. These summer-themed party place settings with 6 different images are perfect for outdoor parties, barbecues, and sunny picnics. Disposable for easy clean up, Summer Party Placemats are the perfect inexpensive table decorations to wow all your guests. 48 Placemats Per Pack 6 Different Designs Dimensions 370*260*15 mm RRP €11.00
    • Pasta Party Placemats

      63.7% 7.013.99 3.99
      Featuring art from renowned artist Lucia, this set of whimsical placemats will add something extra to your tablescape. These pasta party place settings with 6 different images are perfect for any Italian-themed dinner, child's party, girl's night, or family picnics. Disposable for easy clean up, Pasta Party Placemats are the perfect inexpensive table decorations to wow all your guests. 48 Placemats Per Pack 6 Different Designs Dimensions 370*260*15 mm RRP €11.00

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