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    • EZ 3 in 1`Pillow

      50.1% 5.004.99 4.99
      3in1 Multi function pillow transforms from a Tablet pillow to a car mount to a travel pillow in seconds. Compatible with most tablets including ...
      • Apple iPad
      • Samsung Galaxy
      • Kindle Fire
      R.R.P. 9.99  
    • 28cm Colour Changing Angel – Buy 28cm Angel get 20cm Angel FREE – Ex Display, Packaging damaged.

      57.2% 8.005.99 5.99
      These wonderful LED RGB Colour Angel Lamps are everything you need to add that modern edge to any space. Featuring colour changing LED lights which illuminate a variable stream of bubbles. A great feature for homes, schools, sensory rooms and workplaces. 
      • Best for decoration, Gift, kids and adults.
      • A beautiful and stylish addition to your home.
      • Soothing Colours illuminated by RGB Technology.
      • Dimensions; 10.5*7*28cm Height
      • Illuminated by 3 LR 1.5v Cell Batteries
      • Batteries Included
      R.R.P. 13.99
    • Fifty Shades Trilogy

      63.8% 17.609.99 9.99
      Fifty Shades of Grey When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man, and excited when she realises that Christian wants her too. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Christian keeps hidden away from public view . Fifty Shades Darker Daunted by the dark secrets of the tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Ana Steele has broken off their relationship. But when Christian proposes a new arrangement, she cannot resist. Soon she is learning more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades than she ever thought possible. Fifty Shades Freed Anastasia Steele always knew that loving Christian Grey would not be easy, and being together poses challenges neither of them had anticipated. But, finally together, they have love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of infinite possibilities. Then just when it seems that they really do have it all, tragedy and fate combine to make Ana's worst nightmares come true ...
      • Paperback
      • Dimensions: 130 x 198 x 105mm
      RRP €27.59
    • Fight to Win

      58.9% 12.908.99 8.99
      The mysterious world of elite combat units blown wide open...Find out how elite teams prepare for Close Quarter Battle. Discover how they launch assaults against pirate boats. Learn the secrets to directing air attack against a key intelligence target. Read how units manage to enter hostile territory undetected, and carry out long-ranges reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines? In his new book, former SAS hero Chris Ryan delves into the secretive world of elite warfare, revealing the nuts and bolts of some of the toughest, sharpest and most legendary fighting units in existence around the world today. Drawing on his experience as a soldier in the Regiment for a decade, as well as his recent unique access to some of the world's hardest and most sophisticated special police units for his TV show Elite World Cops, Chris Ryan explores the secrets of the trade. From the HALO insertion technique to mounting ambushes and escape-and-evasion tips, Chris Ryan's Fight to Win is the ultimate guide to elite forces training and operations.
      • Hardback
      • 240 Pages
      •  196 x 249 x 23mm
      RRP €21.89
    • The Irish Times : 150 Years of Influence

      65.3% 18.769.99 9.99
      The Irish Times is a pillar of Irish society. Founded in 1859 as the paper of the Irish Protestant Middle Class, it now has a position in Irish political, social and cultural life which is incomparable. In fact this history of the Irish Times is also a history of the Irish people. Always independent in ownership and political view and never entwined in any way with the Roman Catholic Church, it has become the weather vane, the barometer of Irish life and society followed by people of all religious and political persuasions and none. The paper is politically liberal and progressive as well as being centre right on economic issues. This history is peopled by all the great figures of Irish history - Daniel O`Connell, W.B. Yeats, Garret FitzGerald, Conor Cruise O`Brien and the paper has numbered among its internationally renowned columnists Mary Holland, Fintan O'Toole, Nuala O'Faolain, John Waters and Kevin Myers . Its influence on Irish Society is beyond question. In his book, Terence Brown tells the story of the paper with narrative skill, wit and perception. Analysis of the stance of the Times during events ranging from The Easter Rising, The Civil War, the Troubles and the recent economic recession make the book essential reading for students of Irish history, be they the general reader, the academic or amateur historian. The book will be seen as crucial to our understanding of Irish history in the past century and a half.
      • Hardbak
      • 448 Pages
      • 153 x 234 x 41mm
      RRP €28.75
    • Life Stories – David Attenborough

      50% 6.506.49 6.49
      The sloth is Sir David's first essay in this collection of his own personal insight into the natural world around us. He also talks about his first ever pet, a salamander, and his favourite animal - the bird of paradise, as well as living fossils, flying dinosaurs, dragons and the strange antics of the duck-billed platypus. This is Sir David looking at the wildlife that has captured his imagination and enthusiasm over his distinguished career in TV, then wildlife TV. It is a fascinating trip around the world in search of extraordinary plants and animals, in the company of this wonderful communicator.
      • Hardback
      • 224 Paghes
      •  195 x 252 x 29mm
      NOTE: Ex-Display Stock; Covers have the odd mark  
    • Speeches that Changed the World

      47.9% 8.268.99 8.99
      For many thousands of years, people have used oratory to influence others, but what exactly makes a speech great? Is it the choice of words, the feelings they express, the passion with which the speaker delivers them, the circumstances or the lasting effect that the speech has on what other people think or do, or even on the course of history? Open up this book to find out... The speeches in Speeches that Changed the World are divided into the following chapters: Ancient history, Love, Religion, Science, Patriotism, Philosophy, Humanity and liberty, Sport, Politics and War. Many of them have inspired people to act, some have changed the way people think or look at the world. Others have changed the course of events across the globe - sometimes for the better, at other times with devastating results. All have chronicled our history.
      • Leatherette Cover
      • 192 Pages
      • Dimensions: 181 x 210 x 18mm
      RRP €17.25
    • Visual Dictionary (Ex Shop Display, cover slightly marked)

      66.7% 12.005.99 5.99
      This dynamic Visual Dictionary is packed with a wealth of information and beautifully crafted, accurate illustrations which explore twelve diverse categories.
      • Hardback
      • Pages: 608
      • 235mm x 200mm x 50mm
      RRP €17.99
    • 1916 – One Hundred Years of Irish Independence

      63.2% 12.006.99 6.99
      There’s before 1916 and then there’s after. Between them lies the Easter Rising, when Irish republicans took up arms against British rule and changed the course of their country’s history forever. For though the resistance failed, it failed gloriously; the rebels were no longer a group of cranks and troublemakers in the public eye, but martyrs and national heroes, their example set the way for others and their mission lived on through the century to come. But what sort of country did the Rising create? And how does post-1916 Ireland compare with the aspirations of the rebellion’s leaders, the hopes of Thomas MacDonagh and John MacBride, of James Connolly and Patrick Pearse? One hundred years later, Tim Pat Coogan offers a personal perspective on the Irish experience that followed the Rising. He charts a flawed history that is marked as much by complacency, corruption, and institutional abuse as it is by the building of a nation and the sacrifices of the Republic’s founding fathers. Hardback Pages: 329 250mm x 160mm x 30mm RRP €18.99
    • The GAA Immortals

      53.3% 5.704.99 4.99
      The lore and legend of Gaelic Games has been shaped by great players. Since the Games began, special players have had a unique power to make the heart skip a beat. Now THE GAA IMMORTALS celebrates the achievements of 100 of the very best footballers, hurlers, managers, ladies footballers and camogie players from the start of the twentieth century to the present day. Based around exclusive interviews with a who's who of Gaelic Games, THE GAA IMMORTALS covers all the codes, giving a unique insight into icons of the games, including Dick Fitzgerald, Mick Mackey, Christy Ring, Jack Lynch, Nicky Rackard, Mick O'Connell, Sean O'Neill, Eddie Keher, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Angela Downey, Lulu Carroll, Nicky English, DJ Carey, Peter Canavan, Henry Shefflin, Gooch Cooper and Joe Canning. With stars from all 32 counties represented, THE GAA IMMORTALS is a fascinating account of the greatest heroes and legends of the games.
      • Paperback
      • 384 pages
      • 129 x 198 x 40mm
      RRP 10.69
    • Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of our Changing Times (Ex shop display, cover ripped)

      40% 4.005.99 5.99
      In Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of our Changing Times, award-winning photographer James Fennell and bestselling author Turtle Bunbury once again journey the length and breadth of Ireland to bring us an extraordinary, powerful new collection of poignant interviews from ordinary men and women who share with us their memories, providing us with an invaluable link to the past.As stories are shared beside the warmth of a fire in farmhouses in Kerry and Clare; in the turf sheds of Limerick and Tipperary; over cups of tea and glasses of whiskey in the kitchens of Wexford, Sligo and Dublin; in the cobbled yards of Wicklow and Tipperary; in the shadow of the hills of Leitrim and Donegal; on the pavements of Dublin City; and against the sound of crashing waves on the coast of Galway, we meet the people who have lived through times of change as the past comes alive through their words. Blacksmiths, saddlers, harness makers and coal miners, mattress makers, factory workers, bonesetters and cattle drivers, all are gathered here as we are afforded a glimpse of the inimitable spirit of the people of this country. The world continues to change but, gathered within these pages, are stories and to be cherished, to keep the past alive long into the future.
      • Hardback
      • 192 pages
      •  236 x 289 x 22mm
    • Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds : A 50-Year Treasury of Art and Design

      67.6% 25.0011.99 11.99
      Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds explores how the art department works together with costumers and make-up and special effects artists to produce a coherent look for a diverse range of alien worlds; reveals how the artists' relationship with the computer graphics department allows them to create locations far grander than possible in the real world; and shows how today's creative artists have built upon the designs produced by their predecessors--the pioneers of the program's "classic" era whose legacy has delighted audiences since 1963. Divided thematically, Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds examines the history of the program and its art and set design, and highlights how various re-occurring designs have evolved over time. Chock full of surprising, illuminating, and fascinating information, photographs, and trivia, Doctor Who: Impossible Worlds is essential for every Whovian, whether you're an established fan or are new to the show. Hardback, 288 Pages  251 x 282 x 28mm RRP €36.99

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