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    • Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts

      56.5% 13.009.99 9.99
      Full step-by-step instructions for every technique, catering for everyone from first-time dabblers to the more adventurous crafters. Over 200 projects are fully explained and beautifully shot - a key blend of accessible and aspirational. Illuminating glossaries, a full rundown of essential tools and materials, professional tips and handy UK resources make this a lasting reference. Hardback, 416 Pages Dimensions: 223 x 282 x 32mm RRP €22.99 NOTE: Ex-Shop Display; have the odd mark due to shelf wear
    • The Bicycle Book

      54.6% 12.009.99 9.99
      Featuring 300 classic bicycles, from iron-framed boneshakers to record-breaking carbon-fibre track bikes, The Bicycle Book chronicles the fascinating history of cycling in stunning visual detail. Follow the courses and share the excitement of cycling's most famous races. Meet the designers and innovators who have helped to get the world moving, and create a global sporting, leisure, and transport phenomenon. Relive defining moments in history, where bicycles have helped to shape the modern world.   Paperback, 256 Pages Dimensions: 230 x 275 x 16mm RRP €21.99
    • The Ultimate Guide to Fishing

      56.7% 8.506.49 6.49
      The sport of fishing, whether on the open seas or alongside a country river, is enjoyed by millions of anglers around the world. This is the essential guide for all coarse-, sea- and fly-fishing enthusiasts everywhere. With step-by-step methods, easy-to-understand procedures and clear photographs, this book provides a variety of handy tips, from the most successful techniques to bait that will catch the best fish. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced fisherman, this book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys this popular sport.   Hardback, 176 Pages Dimensions: 227 x 276 x 17mm RRP €14.99
    • Made for You

      60% 9.005.99 5.99
      Create wonderful gifts for your friends and family using your sewing, beading, knitting, crochet, felting and embroidery skills. The projects, from the creative world of Jenny Occleshaw, include upcycling favourite objects such as beads, glass, lace and heirloom materials. Every one of the 50 projects is suitable for experienced crafters and newcomers alike, and are explained using easy to follow instructions. There is something here for everybody. Hardback, 192 Pages Dimensions: 180 x 216 x 20mm RRP €14.99
    • Nick Hornby Collection

      69.4% 43.0118.99 18.99
      Arguably Britain's most insightful and observant writer of contemporary fiction working today, Nick Hornby is responsible for such classics as About a Boy, Fever Pitch and High Fidelity. Now his fans can enjoy all three, not to mention the equally excellent novels Slam, How to be Good and A Long Way Down. The perfect six book set for those who are new to the bitingly funny and decidedly moving style of Hornby, this collection could be recommended to Mum, Dad and teenagers alike, such is the writer's wonderfully accessible style. Titles included: High Fidelity How to be Good Slam Fever Pitch A Long Way Down About a Boy   Paperback Set Dimensions: 129 x 197 x 105mm RRP €62.00
    • 10 Great Movie Reads

      75.2% 60.5119.99 19.99
      This magnificent collection of ten books contain some of the greatest stories cinema has ever told. Each story is the basis for some of the best films from the last century. They say the movie is never as good as the book... time to find out! Titles included: Hombre, by Elmore Leonard The Pianist, by Wladyslaw Szpilman The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum The Postman Always Rings Twice, by James M. Cain Minority Report, by Philip K. Dick Double Indemnity, by James M. Cain The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Grifters, by Jim Thompson The Maltese Falcon, by Dashiell Hammett Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick   Paperback Set Dimensions: 110 x 180 x 164mm RRP €80.50
    • The Encyclopedia of Birds

      69.6% 16.006.99 6.99
      From the tiny bee hummingbird to the impressive ostrich, the world is home to more than 9.700 species of birds, making up a dazzling array of shades and patterns. This lavishly illustrated collection offers a detailed overview of the natural history of birds. Beautifully illustrated galleries of species Magnificent photographs Informative fact files and maps Hardback, 224 Pages Dimensions: 230 x 276 x 17mm RRP €22.99
    • Made For Baby – More Than 50 Fabulous Gifts For Babies

      84.7% 16.512.99 2.99
      Make over 50 beautiful, creative and personalised gifts for newborn babies to one year olds with Made for Baby. Homemade, personalised presents for babies are more popular than ever. Made for Baby includes a range of projects, from easy to complex, ensuring you can make beautiful gifts for babies to cherish whatever your craft skills. You can make anything from a button bunny to an appliqued cushion cover or spoil the new mum with a cupcake gift set. Other adorable projects include a night sky mobile, a sleepy dog rattle and wooden stacking blocks. Indulge in sewing, painting, paper crafts and more to make gifts for all occasions, including baby showers, new baby congratulations and first birthdays. Made for Baby is perfect for anyone looking to make and give gifts that will be cherished. Hardback, 256 Pages Dimensions: 210 x 241 x 25mm RRP €19.50 NOTE: Ex-Shop Display; have the odd mark due to shelf wear
    • My Memories Album – Wedding

      Inside this Memory Album you will find:
      • 4 Protective sheets for your scrapbook pages;
      • 26 Printed paper inserts for your scrapbook pages 305 x 305mm
      • 2 Sheets of stickers including decorative alphabetic tiles, labels, pictures, words and phrases
      Hardcover Dimension: 342 x 322 x 23mm
    • Dog Stories Box Set

      58.4% 14.019.99 9.99
      This Box Set includes 3 books written by Jon Katz: A Good Dog When Jon took on a troublesome two-year-old Border Collie in A Dog Year, it turned his sedate life upside down and culminated in a move from suburbia to a rural farm. But the contrary Collie - incredibly loyal but incredibly misbehaved - never settles down. Jon tries everything, obedience training, changing his name from Devon to Orson, even acupuncture, and it all helps a little, but not enough. A Home for Rose Jon Katz leaves the suburbs for a remote farm in order to give Border Collie puppy Rose - along with our friend Devon from A Dog Year - a true taste of herding life. Rose's adventures start early, going head to head with a head-butting ram the day the sheep arrive. She soon establishes a routine for the sheep, chickens and donkeys - and Jon - that makes everything run like clockwork. However, any notion Jon has of the romance of a rural idyll is shattered when the snow comes and temperatures of minus twenty set in. A Dog Year Jon and his wife live in a New Jersey suburb with two perfectly behaved Labradors. Then into the mix comes Devon, who creates havoc from the moment he arrives at the airport, when it takes Jon, two baggage handlers and three police officers to track him down after he escapes. Jon learns the hard way how to encourage Devon to behave. But amongst the difficulties of their first year together, Jon discovers his life is enlivened by a creature with so much mischievousness and joie de vivre. In fact, Jon finds that he is to change as much as Devon. Paperback Set Dimensions: 130 x 210 x 55mm RRP €24.00    
    • Sensational Party Cakes

      28.6% 2.004.99 4.99
      Create spectacular cakes that are truly unusual, good to eat and beautiful to look at with only a few basic techniques and sure-fire recipes that will yield stunning results every time. Do you want to celebrate an eighteenth birthday, or make a cake for a friend who is crazy about cars? Or a cake to mark the birth of a child, Christmas, Easter or a special Valentine's day? Sensational Party Cakes features over 40 novelty ideas for decorating cakes, biscuits and cupcakes. You will find the cake best suited to any special occasion among these easy-to-prepare recipes. This may be your first encounter with sugar-paste or almond-paste coverings, icing or chocolate coatings but with Sensational Party Cakes, you'll find it easy to learn how to decorate cakes. And once you've mastered the technique, you can think up your own original designs. Enjoy the cakes and have fun!   Paperback, 128 Pages  230 x 290 x 14mm  
    • Chocolat Box Set: Le Marquis de Laduree

      73.9% 25.518.99 8.99
      Gourmands everywhere will be delighted by the publication of Les Marquis de Laduree - a magic door that opens into a chocolate lovers paradise, where the precious and the delicious are combined in a world dedicated exclusively to chocolate. Laduree share their finest recipes for chocolates, chocolate pastries, cakes and sweets - all for the home cook. The recipes are complemented by a diverse text on the magical substance itself: the history of chocolate, the making of chocolate, its benefits, how to taste it, and hints and advice on pairing it with other flavours, interspersed with quotes from famous chocolate lovers past and present. Hardback, 288 Pages  205 x 205 x 45mm RRP €34.50

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