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    • The Beginner’s KetoDiet Cookbook

      66.7% 13.016.49 6.49
      The transition to a keto diet can be difficult, but this "induction" phase doesn't have to be! Best-selling author of The KetoDiet Cookbook, Martina Slajerova, explains the first tricky few weeks as your metabolism readjusts to burning fat rather than carbs. The ketogenic diet has become the go-to healthy diet for losing weight, managing diabetes, and possibly preventing and managing conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Every recipe in The Beginner's KetoDiet Cookbook is designed to meet the special nutrient requirements of the induction phase. From quick "keto-flu" remedies and curbing cravings, to avoiding pitfalls like incorrect macronutrient balances and "zero-carb" approaches, The Beginner's KetoDiet Cookbook puts you on the right path to lose weight, get healthy, and enjoy all the benefits of the ketogenic diet for the long-term.   Paperback, 208 Pages 191 x 235 x 16mm RRP €19.50
    • Fish & Seafood – From Ocean to Table

      78.4% 14.513.99 3.99
      The Cook's Favourites series from Love Food is suitable for cooks of all levels and covers a range of subjects in a contemporary and easy-to-follow style. Each finished dish has been beautifully photographed to inspire you to cooking greatness! Cook's Favourites; Fish & Seafood will inspire you to use a wide variety of fish and shellfish with delicious recipes from smoked haddock Kedgeree to good old-fashioned Fish & Chips, and more modern classics such as dishes using scallops, monkfish, hake, sole and many, many more. Hardback, 224 Pages Dimensions: 220 x 277 x 20mm RRP €18.50
    • Bike Repair Manual

      47.9% 5.515.99 5.99
      The most up-to-date bicycle maintenance guide on the market, covering all types of bike - road, racing, mountain, hybrid, BMX, and children's - this is the essential manual for beginners and experienced cyclists alike. Step-by-step sequences show how to carry out repairs, from vital servicing to improving your bikes performance - on and off road. Learn how to maintain every essential area, such as brakes, drivetrain, and steering, as well as complex components, including hub gears, hydraulic brakes, and suspension forks. Detailed chapters range from showing how to set up your bike correctly and safely, show the must-have kit for successful repairs, to troubleshooters to help keep your bike in top form. Featuring easy photographic tutorials and handy add-ons, such as a step locator and toolbox, Bike Repair Manual makes bike repair simple for every bike owner.   Paperback, 176 Pages  143 x 211 x 13mm RRP €11.50
    • Weddings and Movie Stars

      Movie star weddings run the gamut from studio cover-ups to Hollywood endings but whether your taste is for the explosive or the fairy tale, Weddings and Movie Stars will quench your thirst for impeccable glamour and salacious gossip. A movie lover's encyclopedia of weddings, Weddings and Movie Stars is exhaustively compiled over 288 pages and features many previously unreleased images. It is a tribute to the most iconic Hollywood stars from the 1920s onwards in ceremonies from the low key to the lavish. With weddings to rival epic studio productions, gowns by designers from Givenchy and Balmain, to Dior and Vivienne Westwood, Weddings and Movie Stars is an unprecedented opportunity to peek behind the scenes and witness many of the secret ceremonies that to this point have remained under wraps. From closeted Rock Hudson's arranged marriage to his agent's secretary to Madonna and Sean Penn's four letter warning to circling paparazzi written in the sand, the public has been shown an often cultivated glimpse of the mega star wedding day, until now. Of an age shrouded in myth, here are our greatest movie stars at their most candid: Shirley Temple, marrying at age 17, Elizabeth Taylor's 700 wedding guests, unseen footage of Mia Farrow at home with Frank Sinatra, Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn and Arthur Miller, the incredible pairing of Ava Gardner and Mickey Rooney, Bardot, Jagger, John and Yoko, to modern day power couples including Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.
      • Hardcover
      • 288 pages
      • Product Dimensions: 360 x 310 x 30 mm
    • Private Novel: Untouchable

      28.6% 2.004.99 4.99
      Cheating, partying, blackmail, and now... murder? Can the Billings Girls remain untouchable? Reed's boyfriend is dead, and life at Easton Academy suddenly feels very different. Noelle is being what borders on nice, which is totally bizarre, Taylor can't make it through an hour without bursting into tears, Kiran is spiking every beverage she consumes, and Arianna is acting as if nothing could be more normal. And then there's Josh. Left alone on campus for the weekend, Reed and Josh get together and confront their hidden feelings. But when the Billings Girls return, there's no fun game of tell-all, instead Josh begins to look like the number one suspect in the murder of Thomas Pearson. Surely everyone wants to know the truth... don't they? Paperback, 240 Pages  129 x 198 x 16mm RRP €6.99
    • Private Novel: Invitation Only

      42.9% 3.003.99 3.99
      Reed Brennan is living her dream ~ not only is she a student at the private boarding school, Easton Academy, she's been invited to live in the ultra-exclusive Billings Hall, home to the most beautiful, intelligent, and enviable girls on campus. Life couldn't be more exciting! But one night of partying in the woods leaves her new roommate, Natasha, with some very incriminating photos of Reed in her Nokia. Suddenly Reed finds herself being blackmailed against the very girls who are responsible for her catapult to campus hot girl - the Billings Girls. And then there's the nagging fact that Reed's boyfriend, Thomas Pearson, is missing... Paperback, 272 Pages  129 x 198 x 18mm RRP €6.99
    • Private Novel: Confessions

      42.9% 3.003.99 3.99
      In the fourth book in the red-hot Private series, Josh, Reed's friend and more recently, more-than-friend, has been arrested for killing Thomas Pearson, Reed's ex-boyfriend. Reed finds comfort in her friends, the girls of Billings Hall. But these girls have more secrets than the CIA and they aren't letting go of their hold on Reed. Because once you're a Billings Girl, you remain a Billings Girl. Forever.   Paperback, 232 Pages  128 x 196 x 20mm RRP € 6.99
    • How to be a Cyclist : An A-Z of Life on Two Wheels

      53.4% 8.006.99 6.99
      It's an essential manual and source of wisdom for those who would be kings of the road. Many pitfalls await the unwary middle-aged-man-in-Lycra, but fear not, for the Guide is here to steer you through choppy waters. No more passing out halfway up a hill. No more ridicule in the work place. No more hurty knee. And no more sock crimes. Pearls of wisdom are scattered throughout this book like rose petals before a princess on her wedding day. For instance, who could deny that life is too short to drink bad coffee? That a noisy bike is marginally more annoying than a whiney toddler? Or that style should ever be sacrificed for speed? Written by experts who know everything there is to know about cycling, yet never forget that there is nothing funnier than a rabbit playing a trumpet, How to be a Cyclist is mandatory reading for all bike riders. Hardback, 224 pages Dimensions: 177 x 215 x 20mm RRP €14.99
    • The Complete Drawing Course

      Learn to sketch beautifully and effortlessly, just like the professionals with Complete Drawing Course, the ultimate book for those who are learning to draw or want to learn to draw. This book features 40 lessons, 14 side by side demonstrations where two different artists explore the same subject, and a wealth of exercises, all aimed at helping you learn skills with the maximum of enjoyment. With a broad range of topics, from drawing on the go to capturing the effects of light and shadow, each exercise guides you on your way, offering a wide variety of different styles and tried and tested techniques. With Complete Drawing Course you will become an expert in no time at all. Try the relaxing, refreshing hobby of drawing to ease your mind and help you escape it. This book shows you how to get the most out of a wide range of sketching mediums, including charcoal, pen, pencil, watercolor, and pastels. Take the power of drawing into your own hands by harnessing multiple drawing tools and using them to your best ability as taught with Complete Drawing Course. Perfect for novices, students, practicing artists, and teachers alike, this helpful guide offers practical and inspirational advice for perfecting your sketching and drawing skills. Hardback Spiral-Bound, 288 pages Dimensions: 229 x 282 x 28mm
    • The Complete Painting Course

      Learn to paint in watercolor, acrylics, or oils with all the techniques you'll need for maximum enjoyment with Complete Painting Course, which will help you master pro painting techniques. This book will help you to bring your paintings to life, helping you to master more than 40 different painting techniques and over 30 great subjects. You will be able to call yourself a painting master in no time with this book. Easy to follow instructions and gorgeous illustrations will help you learn to paint anything your heart desires. All the techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated with practical layer by layer sequences, which show you how to build up your painting stage by stage for amazing results. You will also learn about mixing colors on the surface of your painting, discover some of the techniques used by the pros, and discover a style that suits you and allows you to paint with confidence. Dabble in different painting styles to find the style that fits your personality and preference perfectly. Also, for anyone who is trying to figure out what to paint, this book includes 180 pages of carefully selected painting projects and guidance so you can get started straight away. Complete Painting Course is the perfect book for the painter or artistically curious person in your life. Hardback Spiral-Bound, 288 pages Dimensions: 229 x 284 x 30mm
    • Cycle World: The Total Motorcycling Manual

      61.6% 16.009.99 9.99
      Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend touring rider, or an off-road dirt fiend, this comprehensive guide from the experts at Cycle World magazine has the tried-and-true tips and tricks you need. Covers buying the right bike, riding safely, touring on two wheels, and maintaining and repairing your bike. Every motorcyclist, from the weekend joyrider to the everyday commuter to the aspiring racetrack pro needs this book. In 291 insider hits, experts from Cycle World magazine cover: Gear Including how to buy the best bike possible, evaluate a used ride, suit up for style and safety, and adapt your gear to a wide range of riding conditions. Riding Make the most ofany situation, from navigating dangerous city streets and enjoying desert off-roading to holding your own on competitive tracks around the world (amps and pro-racer tips included!). Have fun, ride like a pro, and keep the rubber side down. Repair & Maintenance Tips for how to become your own repair shop--and how to avoid getting ripped off when you do need a mechanic. Also includes on-the-fly repairs, emergency fixes, and pro tips for maintenance routines to keep your bike running for years to come. Paperback, 256 pages Dimensions 194 x 248 x 22mm RRP €25.99
    • Gardening Journal

      25% 2.005.99 5.99
      Use this Journal to write a brief description of your garden. Note down areas that you like and areas you think need improvement and the environment and feelings you want to create when you are walking through your garden. Hardback Ring-Bound 101 Pages Dimensions: 220 x 250 x 19mm  

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