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    • Text Talk Notebook FYI

      50.1% 2.001.99 1.99
      • 128 Pages
      • 80gsm
      • Size: 150 x 212 x 11mm
    • The Ultimate Guide to Fishing

      66.7% 10.004.99 4.99
      The sport of fishing, whether on the open seas or alongside a country river, is enjoyed by millions of anglers around the world. This is the essential guide for all coarse-, sea- and fly-fishing enthusiasts everywhere. With step-by-step methods, easy-to-understand procedures and clear photographs, this book provides a variety of handy tips, from the most successful techniques to bait that will catch the best fish. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced fisherman, this book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys this popular sport.   Hardback, 176 Pages Dimensions: 227 x 276 x 17mm RRP €14.99
    • Made for You (Slight Cover Damage)

      73.3% 10.994.00 4.00
      Create wonderful gifts for your friends and family using your sewing, beading, knitting, crochet, felting and embroidery skills. The projects, from the creative world of Jenny Occleshaw, include upcycling favourite objects such as beads, glass, lace and heirloom materials. Every one of the 50 projects is suitable for experienced crafters and newcomers alike, and are explained using easy to follow instructions. There is something here for everybody. Hardback, 192 Pages Dimensions: 180 x 216 x 20mm RRP €14.99
    • The Encyclopedia of Birds

      78.3% 18.004.99 4.99
      From the tiny bee hummingbird to the impressive ostrich, the world is home to more than 9.700 species of birds, making up a dazzling array of shades and patterns. This lavishly illustrated collection offers a detailed overview of the natural history of birds. Beautifully illustrated galleries of species Magnificent photographs Informative fact files and maps Hardback, 224 Pages Dimensions: 230 x 276 x 17mm RRP €22.99
    • Bob The Builder Artist Pad (packaging damaged)

      73.9% 8.503.00 3.00
      Great value A3 Bob the Builder Artist Pad that is perfect for your creative little ones. Filled with over 40 pages to colour and decorate with stickers. Includes 3 double ended crayons (6 colours in total) and lots of reusable stickers. This would make the perfect gift for all Bob the Builder fans. Suitable for Ages 3+   Dimensions: 360 x 280 x 6mm
    • EASYNOTE 18 Washable Fibre Pens

      49.9% 3.994.00 4.00
      • Ideal for Art/Home/School/Craft/Hobby/Children
      • Comes in a Plastic Wallet to keep the Pens safe and tidy
      • High Quality with ink that will wash out of most clothing materials
      • Assorted Colour Set of 18 Colouring pens
      • Washable coloured ink
      • Fibre tipped pens
      • For children over 5 Years old
      Dimensions: 150 x 174 x 22mm
    • How to be a Cyclist : An A-Z of Life on Two Wheels

      66.7% 10.004.99 4.99
      It's an essential manual and source of wisdom for those who would be kings of the road. Many pitfalls await the unwary middle-aged-man-in-Lycra, but fear not, for the Guide is here to steer you through choppy waters. No more passing out halfway up a hill. No more ridicule in the work place. No more hurty knee. And no more sock crimes. Pearls of wisdom are scattered throughout this book like rose petals before a princess on her wedding day. For instance, who could deny that life is too short to drink bad coffee? That a noisy bike is marginally more annoying than a whiney toddler? Or that style should ever be sacrificed for speed? Written by experts who know everything there is to know about cycling, yet never forget that there is nothing funnier than a rabbit playing a trumpet, How to be a Cyclist is mandatory reading for all bike riders. Hardback, 224 pages Dimensions: 177 x 215 x 20mm RRP €14.99
    • When I Grow Up I’m Going to Play for… Republic of Ireland

      50.1% 3.002.99 2.99
      You step out of the tunnel. Banners ripple through the air while the crowd chants your name. You're on the pitch. Are you biggest fan of Ireland Do you dream of being their next star player Then this story is for you! The best-selling aspirational storybooks published to tie-in with the European Championship. Perfect gift for every child aged 3-7 years.   Hardback Dimensions: 231 x 233 x 10mm
    • The Illustrated Student CookBook

      66.6% 7.994.00 4.00
      No time, not enough money, limited equipment - these are the problems faced by students in the kitchen. The Illustrated Student Cookbook comes to the rescue with more than 30 easy, nutritious and delicious recipes that can all be made in the toaster oven, microwave or hotplate. Each recipe is accompanied by a full page photograph of the dish, plus step-by-step instructions illustrated in comic-strip style. From simple meat and fish dishes, to filling pasta and potato dishes, there are also healthy homemade versions of a burger, club sandwich, hummous and salsa, and a few fresh salads and soups. This playful book demystifies cooking and will keep students amused, well fed and leave some change in their pockets. Hardback Pages 72 Dimensions 290*220*10 mm
    • Why Men Skim Stones-An Illustrated A-Z of Modern Man – Ex Shop Display

      80.1% 12.012.99 2.99
      Chris Windle provides an amusing and indispensable insight into why men do the things they do. Here, finally, is a guide that tackles the big questions: why do male friends express their affection by subjecting each other to casual acts of violence? Why is it common for a man to have more of an idea of what he might do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, than what he might buy his mother for Christmas? If you’ve ever been dumbfounded when faced with a man who would rather talk to an inanimate object than read the instruction booklet, this is the book for you. Why Men Skim Stones is a compendium of oddness which, by offering explanations for man’s often bizarre behavior, seeks to promote tolerance and understanding. This is a book that could save relationships, smooth family life, or provide much needed reassurance for any man seeking to better understand his own actions. Hardback Pages 234 Dimensions 170*120*20 mm RRP €15.00
    • Grandparent’s Journal

      50% 6.005.99 5.99
      This useful and attractive journal is perfect for keeping track of essential information needed during the year. Including:
      • An index pocket for collecting photographs and clippings.
      • Pages for birthday, anniversaries and important dates.
      • Record pages for holidays and special anniversaries.
      Hardback Pages 108 Dimensions 250*200*20 mm
    • Funny Faces Design Pencil Case

      Size: 235 x 95mm Approx Available Colours: Black, Blue, Pink   If colour not specified in Order, one will be chosen randomly.

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