My Fun Book of Questions and Answers – Ages 7+

My Fun Book of Questions and Answers – Ages 7+

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This brilliant book is packed with questions and answers about everything from science to coral reefs, the human body to rainforests and much, much more!

Kids can find out answers to all kinds of questions, such as: Why do flamingos have long legs? What is the biggest cat? and What are bones made from? Ideal for kids with a big appetite for cool facts!

  • Features facts on science, the human body, planet Earth, oceans, plants and animals
  • Fun information in a question and answer format encourages children to read and learn without even realising
  • Wonderful illustrations and photographs
  • Engaging activities on every spread
  • Written by experts
  • Perfect for avid readers and children who like to browse
  • Great for use at home and school

Taking a look at all that is fun and fascinating about our world, and filled to the brim with illustrations and photographs, this quirky fact book is perfect for any child who likes to ask questions.

Pages: 160
Age: 5+
Format: Hardback
Size: 220 x 170 mm

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