Dinosaur Stories – 10 Book Pack

Dinosaur Stories – 10 Book Pack

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Age 2+

10 Fabulous Titles :

Ava is an Allosaurus with a very sore tooth and its making her feel grumpy. She doesnt want to play with her friends, but each of them want to try and help Ava get rid of her toothache will any of their ideas work?
Archie is an Ankylosaurus with a tail club he can’t control! It seems to ruin everything for him, until one day he realises it might be the one thing he needs to save his friends
Dora – a Diplodocus with some very odd ideas. But when Allosaurus threaten her herd, Dora comes up with an extra-dippy idea that might just frighten off the predators for good.
Poor Isaac can’t sleep because everything in the forest is so noisy. Can he find a way to quieten it all down before the next noisy night?
The selfish dinosaur is a funny story about a dinosaur who doesn’t want to share, but must learn how!
The lost egg is an amusing tale about a dinosaur who tries to return an egg to its home!
Suki is sad because the other dinosaurs are scared of her. Then suki comes to the rescue when danger strikes. Can the little dinosaurs trust her?
The thoughtful surprise is a wonderful picture book about a young dinosaur who is feeling sad and lonely in a new place!
T rex
Rex thinks he’ll grow up to be the biggest, scariest, noisiest dinosaur EVER. There’s nothing Rex is afraid of – or is there?
The speedy tale is a delightful story about a dinosaur that loves to run everywhere, especially into trouble!

  • 10 x Paperbacks in cellophane wrap
  • 260x260x35

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