Children's Box Sets & Packs

Children's Box Sets & Packs

“A book is a dream to hold in your hands” Neil Gaiman

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    • Night Before My Birthday Gift Set

      63.4% 9.515.49 5.49
      The Night Before My Birthday captures all the excitement and anticipation that every child experiences in the lead-up to their special day. The decorations are up, the table is set, and the cake is ready - but what happens when there is an ice cream emergency? Once again Natasha Wing has written a story that is sure to appeal to every child getting ready for a birthday. The gift set contains a copy of the book, a banner, a birthday crown, a cake decoration, and stickers. Paperback, 32 pages  235 x 267 x 19mm RRP €15.00

      38.9% 3.505.49 5.49
      3+ Lots to Spot Flashcards: At Home! contains 27 double-sided flashcards to teach your preschooler numbers, colours and new words about the home.
      • Improve your toddler's vocabulary, number skills and colour recognition
      • Simple spotting activity on each card
      • Instruction card gives plenty of tips for multiple ways to use the flashcards

      38.9% 3.505.49 5.49
      3+ Lots to Spot Flashcards: Dinosaurs! contains 27 double-sided flashcards to teach your preschooler numbers, colours and new words about dinosaurs.
      • Improve your toddler's vocabulary, number skills and colour recognition
      • Simple spotting activity on each card
      • Instruction card gives plenty of tips for multiple ways to use the flashcards
    • My First Memory Match: 6 Board Books & Memory Game

      A fun box with six board books and one colourful memory game to help your children learn new words. Contains: 6 Board Books 1 Memory Game   Dimension: 169 x 185 x 35mm
    • Model Tin: My Little Pony

      65.8% 11.515.99 5.99
      Inside this award-winning embossed My Little Pony 3D Jigsaw Tin, you'll discover a 32-page storybook and everything you need to construct your own Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Read the tail-rific story to find out how Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity help the Cutie Mark Crusaders and build two 3D card models, measuring 170mm each! Tin Dimensions: 135 x 198 x 80mm RRP €17.50
    • Fireman Sam Book & Mug Set

      56.7% 8.506.49 6.49
      Mug and 3 Book Gift Set Includes 3 exciting Fireman Sam Stories: - The Big Freeze - Lighthouse Lock Out - Runaway Train Paperback, 24 Pages per Book Set Dimension: 180 x 140 x 96mm RRP €14.99   NOTE: Ex-Shop Display; Outer box have the odd mark due to shelf wear
    • The Fincredible Diary of Fin Spencer 3 Book Set

      66.7% 14.006.99 6.99
      Titles in This Set:
      Stunt Boy
      Action Hero
      Stunt Boy
      Finn Spencer is not the sort of boy who writes in a diary. But when he's given one by a batty old fortune teller, he writes in it anyway. He's going to be famous one day, and then hopefully he can sell it and make loads of money! He soon realises it's not a normal kind of diary - it can change the past! So when Finn writes what he SHOULD have done that day, rather than what he actually DID do - what he SHOULD have done is what everyone remembers. To start with, it's great! By changing what he did, Finn stands up to the school bully, is given a fiver by Gran, and ends up winning the school Talent Show! But he gets into lots of scrapes while he works out exactly what the diary is capable of changing and what it's not.
      A boy, a book and a bucket of trouble . . .
      Fin has promised never to use his diary again. A little old lady gave it to him at a funfair and it turned out to be magic - it let him change what happened during the day as long as he made a wish that evening. But it was more trouble than it was worth and got him into all sorts of scrapes at school and at home. But he needs help. A newish boy, Cliff Sharpnel, is stepping on his toes. Not only does he play the guitar, but he's interested in Claudia Ronson - the most beautiful girl at school.
      Action Hero
      Fin Spencer is in BIG trouble. He upset Mrs Johnson, and now he's not going on the class trip. But he has to, after all he's a born action hero! Stevie Knuckles Action Camp is where Fin belongs. So it's time to use the diary again - if he can just tweak what happened today, he'll be on his way to fame, fortune and fearlessness once again. But the diary has a naughty habit of backfiring . . . Can Fin turn things around before he officially becomes an 'Action Zero'? Another laugh-out-loud 'Fincredible' adventure written by rising star Ciaran Murtagh with comic illustrations by Tim Wesson.
      Paperback Set Dimensions: 130 x 197 x 43mm RRP €20.99
    • Slipcase: First Words (Ex Display)

      53.4% 8.006.99 6.99
      Learn new words, letters of the alphabet and count from 1 to 50 with this fun collection of bright and colourfully engaging little learning library books. Helps children increase their vocabulary and builds speaking skills. For ages 1+. Board Books Dimensions: 124 x 157 x 75mm RRP €14.99
    • My Little Board Book Treasury – Animal Friends Slipcase

      Slipcase with 4 Board Books Dimensions: 141 x 41 x 207mm
    • My Little Photo Treasury Slip Case

      Fun Words and bright images make these First Words photo books perfect to share with your child. Titles Included: My First Words - Things That Go My First Words - Animals My First Words - Toys My First Words - Outside  
      • For Ages 3-5
      • Slip Case with 4 Board Books
      • Dimensions: 164 x 161 x 26mm
    • Transport Shaped Set

      Set of 4 Board Books Titles Included:
      • Tom the Tractor
      • Danny the Digger
      • Freddie the Fire Engine
      • Toby the Truck
      10 Pages each Dimensions: 163 x 160mm each book
    • Ready for School 4 Book Carrycase

      46.7% 7.007.99 7.99
      Includes 4 books with over 300 stickers to reward your child!
      Neatly presented in a carry case.
      Each book is packed full of activities to help with all aspects of your child's school work! All the exercises in these books are designed to compliment the national curriculum work that your child is doing at school. Children will be entertained for hours with the fun activities in this book set! A great gift for any child!
      Carry Case
      Dimensions: 22 x 25.5 x 2.5cm

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